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Acts 4 Acts

Obedient – Whatever it takes!


The purpose of this initiative is to mobiles all Christians by challenging them to visibly witness on a specific day (annually) - in obedience to the LAST COMMAND – by wearing a sticker that refers to Jesus and HIS LAST COMMAND as stated in Acts 1:8.


Ascension Day is an ideal day. This is the day on which JESUS gave this COMMAND! In these times this day has become a common secular day and therefore is an excellent opportunity for this purpose.


This Acts 4 Acts initiative offers all children of the Lord the opportunity to:


1. Ascension is one of the pillars of our belief in God. We will visibly commemorate this important day and claim this day back for Jesus.

2. Be reminded of Jesus’ Last Command.

3. Be obedient to the Last Command.

4. Witness visibly by wearing a sticker in the workplace, school and everywhere else.

5. Be a part of witnessing to the ends of the earth.

6. Be a part of reaching the un-reached people groups.

7. Make a financial contribution to the execution of the Big Command (Matthew 28: 19-20) by buying the sticker at R20.00 each.


The funds will be placed in a Trust to fund projects that will reach out to the un-reached people groups to bring them the Good News of the Bible. It will also be used to fund witnessing projects.


Are you willing to offer up some of your time to take part in the works of the Kingdom?

Become an ambassador for Acts 4 Acts!